• Image of Protect Yo Feelings
  • Image of Protect Yo Feelings
  • Image of Protect Yo Feelings

Featuring: Fluorite, Green Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Magic, & Love.

~ Increases intuitive abilities ~ Enhances wonder in life
~ Invokes strong creative dreams
~ Attracts inspiring people and life experiences
~ Highly protective of the psyche
~ Shuts down psychic manipulation
~ Blocks energy leaks
~ Shields beholder from negative energy
~ Stimulates intellect and enhances memory
~ Assists with seeing beyond facades
~ Activates personal power and self mastery
~ Increases self discipline
~ Assists with creating strong foundation.
~Powerfully protects your spirit.
~ Guards against psychics attack.
~ Blocks geopathic stress.
~ Enhances higher states of consciousness.
~ Enhances memory.
~ Aids in dream work and recall.
~ Conducts intuitive energy through crown chakra, helping strengthen your connection to source or the oneness.
~ Facilitates decision making
~ Balances highs and lows, promotions emotional centering.
~ Dispels anger, rage, and fear.
~ Attracts stable income
~Protects from negativity
~ Draws off stress
~ Increases inner chi levels
~ Grounds scattered inner chi
~ Enhances psychic abilities
~ Transmutes negative inner chi into positive inner chi

Personal Note: I named this piece Protect Yo Feelings, because I was in mine when I created this piece. I was hurting and wanted to create something to help me protect myself from the sadness of heartbreak. My intention for this piece is to protect the wearer from heartache and to assist them with keeping an open heart full of wonder and childlike joy even in the midst of hardship.

This GodPiece is made to order and will appear slightly unique as each stone is different just like my moods :)

Please allow for 4-12 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.