• Image of LOVE BALL Z’s
  • Image of LOVE BALL Z’s
  • Image of LOVE BALL Z’s

These eloquent Rose Quartz copper earrings are a dope statement piece full of delectable energy!

Rose Quartz Properties

~ Unconditional love.
~ Infinite peace.
~ Teaches essence of love.
~ Attracts love and lovers.
~ Assists in deep inner healing.
~ Helps restore trust & harmony in existing relationships.
~ Strengthens empathy and sensitivity for others.
~ Helps release unexpressed emotions and heartache.
~ Encourages self forgiveness and invokes self trust.
~ Conducts inner Chi
~ Removes inner Chi blockages
~ Reduces swelling and inflammation
~ Enhances blood circulation

This GodPiece is made to order and will appear slightly unique as each stone is different just like my moods :)

Please allow for 4-12 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.