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This Natal Chart Reading will include all the planetary placements and how they affect you. We will go over the negative aspects of the placements as well as how to transmute it and use that energy for the highest possible purpose. The natal chart is a great way to understand your behaviors and figuring out how to use your energy to get where you want to go in life. With this natal chart reading you should come out with an understanding of your personality, your emotional needs, the way you attract people into your life, why you attract the people and circumstances you do, and an overall understanding of what areas in your life your soul wants you to cultivate for the evolution of your self.

In order to purchase this reading you MUST have your EXACT time of birth. Please put your name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth in the notes section of the order page.

50 minute live reading via google hangouts or over the phone.

For the Interactive reading please email me at goddessaayanna@gmail.com so that we can schedule the reading.

Please allow me 2-3 days to email you and schedule the reading.