• Image of Inspire My Inner Chi Ankh

Featuring: Fluorite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Magic, & Love.

~ Increases intuitive abilities ~ Enhances wonder in life
~ Invokes strong creative dreams
~ Attracts inspiring people and life experiences
~ Highly protective of the psyche
~ Shuts down psychic manipulation
~ Blocks energy leaks
~ Shields beholder from negative energy
~ Stimulates intellect and enhances memory
~ Assists with seeing beyond facades
~ Activates personal power and self mastery
~ Guards against psychics attack.
~ Blocks geopathic stress.
~ Enhances higher states of consciousness.
~ Enhances memory.
~ Aids in dream work and recall.
~ Conducts intuitive energy through crown chakra, helping strengthen your connection to source or the oneness.
~ Balances highs and lows, promotions emotional centering.
~ Dispels anger, rage, and fear.
~Protects from negativity
~ Draws off stress
~ Increases inner chi levels
~ Grounds scattered inner chi
~ Enhances psychic abilities
~ Transmutes negative inner chi into positive inner chi

Please allow for 8-12 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.

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