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  • Image of Feel The Vibe
  • Image of Feel The Vibe

Amethyst Copper GodPiece

~ Powerfully protects your spirit.
~ Guards against psychics attack.
~ Blocks geopathic stress.
~ Enhances higher states of consciousness.
~ Enhances memory.
~ Aids in dream work and recall.
~ Conducts intuitive energy through crown chakra, helping strengthen your connection to source or the oneness.
~ Facilitates decision making ~ Balances highs and lows, promotions emotional centering.
~ Dispels anger, rage, and fear.

Personal Note: I made the initial piece when I was feeling really funky and jamming to some tunes by iamddb and Princess Nokia.

The Vibe GodPiece is made to order and will appear slightly unique as each stone is different just like my moods :)
Please allow for 4-14 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.