• Image of BB Love & Prosper Edition
  • Image of BB Love & Prosper Edition

The BIG BLACK Love & Prosper Edition Ankh device features Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Shungite, Gold, and a copper energy amplifying coil.

Orgonite is a metaphysical simple machine that scrubs, cleans, circulates, and creates positive life force energy, chi, bio-electricity, prana, or whatever your chosen synonym may be.
In blind tests, Orgonite has been statistically shown to have positive psychological benefits including elevated mood, emotions, and increased energy and enthusiasm. In addition, it can be used for a plethora of various applications including but not limited to, environmental cleanup and energization, holistic healing, meditative and ritualistic use, and protection from negative personal and electromagnetic energy.

On a simple scientific level Orgonite absorbs cations which are harmful positively charged ions, transmuting them and emitting anions which are beneficial negatively charged ions (that which the sun emits).

On a spiritual level Orgonite is a great tool for manifesting. In my personal experiences when I write words of affirmation or even a wish on a paper and place it under the Orgonite my wish would come true rather quickly or my affirmation would swiftly be validated.

I made this Orgonite with the intent for it to provide physical and financial protection, increase self love and external love experiences, attract increased prosperity while at the same time combatting negative and stagnant energies including harmful EMF radiation and giving off a lot of great Orgone energy!

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