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Aventurine, Hematite, and Clear Quartz GodPiece
~ Attracts good fortune.
~ Increases optimism.
~ Stimulates and regulates heart chakra.
~ Increases self confidence.
~ Attracts wealth and prosperity.
~ Grounds and protects energy.
~ Harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.
~ Boosts self-esteem and survivability.
~ Enhances willpower and reliability.
~ Helps one come to terms with mistakes as learning experiences.
~ Stimulates concentration and focus.
~ Helps regulate blood supply.
~ Powerful energy amplifier
~ Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates inner chi
~ Unblocks stagnate inner chi in the body
~ Raises vibrations
~ Deeply cleanses soul
~ Enhances memory and dream recall
~ Amplifies inner chi on what you focus on
~ Increases intuition and psychic abilities
~ Opens energy channels in the body

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