• Image of Lunar Love
  • Image of Lunar Love

Dark Moonstone GodPiece

~ Balances emotions.
~ Increases Intuition.
~ Allows us to get more in tune with our feelings and the causes of them.
~ Provides nurturing energy and attracts it.
~ Great stone for moon magic.
~ Assists with getting in tune with the yoni.
~ Increases emotional strength and internal fortitude.
~ Promotes inspiration and good fortune.
~ Soothes stress and calms emotional chaos.

Personal Note: I made this GodPiece when I felt the need to be nurtured and to assist me in calming my tides of emotions. (I'm a full moon baby so I have a lot of those moments where I need to center myself.)

This GodPiece is made to order and will appear slightly unique as each stone is different just like my moods :)

Please allow for 4-10 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.