• Image of Manifest My Dreams Ankh

Garnet & Amethyst Ankh GodPiece

~ Powerfully protects your spirit.
~ Guards against psychics attack.
~ Blocks geopathic stress.
~ Enhances higher states of consciousness.
~ Enhances memory.
~ Aids in dream work and recall.
~ Conducts intuitive energy through crown chakra, helping strengthen your connection to source or the oneness.
~ Facilitates decision making ~ Balances highs and lows, promotions emotional centering.
~ Dispels anger, rage, and fear.
~ Assists with utilizing creative energy.
~ Increases the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.
~ Helps one tap into their sensuality with intensity.
~ Assists with grounding energy.
~ Increases ability to manifest.
~ Increases efficiency with business or career.
~ Provides powerful energy to the spiritual and physical body.

Please allow for 4-10 business days for this piece to be completely made and shipped off.